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[Beginner Coding Lesson 1] What to start with

아미넴 2020. 11. 15.

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It was said that I am ambitious to start coding classes for beginners.


First of all, you need to know what coding is so you can decide whether to start this or not.

Let's talk slowly.




There are a lot of people who are coding and asking what alternative coding is.

It's not pudding, it's coding

Adapt even if it's not fun.


I feel like it's code + ing..

Do something with code?

The meaning seems to make sense to some extent.


I think you can literally think of it as'write code '.


Then what code do you write?

You may have this question.

It is normal to listen.


In simple terms

It is a way to communicate with the computer .

In fact, it's more of a direction than a communication.


Let's say you have a student who only knows how to add.


I have a homework assignment of'Add from 1 to 100'

It's bothering me, so I'm ordering the computer to do the calculations for me.

Wow... is it amazing?


Then the computer will do the pick-and-click calculation instead.

Sadly we don't know how.


Still, adding from 1 to 100

It seems that I can do it myself.


But if this homework

If it’s a problem of adding from 1 to 1,000,000,

The story will be different.


It might take months to get everything calculated.

Just think about it


Imagine passing these things to the computer.

Isn't it thrilling just thinking about it?

Sorry if not.


As can be seen from the word derived from the meaning of computer computing (compute), the
first computers mainly focused on
computation, but as technology advances, the scope of application is expanding. At the same time, it can be seen that the necessity and importance of coding have been emphasized recently.


There's a lot of things a computer can do.

The situation just illustrated is not even the tip of the iceberg of computer power.





So what else should be asked here?



How do you give instructions to the computer?


In fact, if you want to talk in detail

Computer engineering knowledge should be accompanied

If you go too deep, most of them here

Coding is also not my way...

And raise a white flag.


Let me just give you an example you can think of right away.


'Comment to this post'

What should I do.


Yes, that is correct.

Enter your text in the comment window below and click the Register button.


If you've been doing this without thinking,

Now let's think differently.


The text I entered, my ID, the current time, etc.

Transfer it to the server and register it in the database

Make it lookup in the comment list

I gave the order.


Yeah? Who ordered it?


My click of a button gave a command to the computer.

Of course, just click a button so that this command can be delivered correctly

This is possible because someone has written it in advance .


In other words

We are at the level of executing the instructions set in advance by a competent programmer.

You can understand that coding is the process of making those instructions.





Let's think about one more.


What are you reading this through right now?


Probably if you are watching normally

It may be a PC or smartphone web browser .

Includes web views in Explorer, Chrome, Safari, or KakaoTalk.


Now, I will think of this'web browser' as a country.

The language used in the country should be the same, right?


In fact , the computer language that the web browser communicates with is fixed.

All languages ​​used to view and act on blogs, cafes, search sites, etc. through a web browser are the same


In a language the web browser can understand

He delivered the message,'Send the comment I wrote to the Tistory server and register it.'

For example, send(my comment => tistory server).

Not the actual grammar.


There are additional tasks (compile, interpret) that convert into machine language that can be interpreted by a computer.

Here, I will move on to the extent that there is such a thing.


In this context

The language spoken in the'iPhone App' country is the same

The language spoken in the'Galaxy Phone App' country is also the same,

The languages ​​spoken in the two countries are not the same.


This step does not cover exceptional situations or extended areas.


Then again

With Naver accessed from the Chrome Web browser of'iPhone'

Naver accessed from the Chrome  Web browser of'Galaxy Phone'

Maybe some people are confused as to whether they speak different languages


As mentioned earlier, the'Web browser' is a country and the same language is spoken within it.

It is a separate country from the'iPhone App' and'Galaxy Phone App' countries.

On the other hand, even with the same'Chrome Web browser', 'iPhone App' and'Galaxy Phone App'

It may be in a different language.

If you're confused, you can just skip ahead.


Then let’s reorganize.


Coding is writing in a language that the computer can understand to give instructions to the computer.

Just as languages ​​are different for each country, the languages ​​used for computers are different depending on the operating system/platform/device.


I can summarize it.

Now you can tell me what you mean

First of all, I think you will have to do anything and see the results.


I think the language used in the'web browser' country is the most intuitive

In the next tutorial, we will briefly cover the web language

We will have time to communicate directly with the computer.





Oh, but do you know why they are called to learn coding these days.


When I was a student , he said that coding is more effective than math to develop logic .


If you've been told that coding is the most common for adults and learning to code, there are many places that need it.

I don’t know if I’m just doing it as a hobby and I think it’s really a job

I have another job that I have earned, but it seems a little bit unrealistic to learn to code and change my job.


Anyway, you had a hard time reading a long, irreplaceable article.

Please comment on the wrong part, the part you don't understand, or the question.


Then, in Lecture 2, I'll talk more concretely.





If anyone wants a more structured writing than what I wrote,

If you refer to this link, I think you will be more satisfied, so I will leave it. 5%EB%B6%84-%EB%A7%8C%EC%97%90-%EC%9D%B4%ED%95%B4%ED%95%98%EA%B8%B0/


In addition, there are differences between coding and programming.

I used it without making a big distinction, but please take note.


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